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Search Engine Optimization generally puts you on the best search results available for your keywords. But, by using our techniques and skills, we put you right on the first page of Google search which is one of the most coveted space on the internet. We analyze the Search algorithms from time to time and make sure that only the ones which give maximum benefit to your website are implemented.

Our SEO Process

Our 6 step SEO process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.


SEO research is the initial process before a plan of action is put forward for execution. The Research phase lasts for a span of 5 to 6 days and is then continuously carried out every month during the A/B Testing so that keywords can be improved or improvised.

Our analyst team will work around your suggestive keywords and identify the best keywords which will provide you with the best results. Keyword identification is one of the crucial process in SEO as it will determine the time taken to appear on page 1 of the search.



We build a foolproof plan for your website which will be introduced on your website step by step. Every step will take you closer to higher rankings on Search Engine Results and will ensure higher number of viewers entering your website over a period of time.

Our development team will evaluate your keywords and the website and devise a strategy to make sure that your business ranks better and faster.



Every domain-oriented aspect which will help it rank better on search results will be optimized in the On-page SEO. The On-page aspect will significantly speed up your website and improve the loading time as well as the server response.

Our SEO Experts will make sure that specific areas on the website which are generally tracked a lot will be optimized and website speed will be optimized so that all website aspects are equally attended.



The Off-page SEO Strategy will focus on the entire World Wide Web and will ensure that your website is backed up by some of the best websites online and will help you build domain strength leading to higher search appearances and will ensure that the results will be long lasting.

Our SEO experts will be using 100% genuine techniques complying with Google’s official guidelines to build backlinks and post positive content on various portals.



Local SEO puts you on the map and makes sure that your business location is well identified by the audience around you on the internet and also makes sure that the audience in the area in which you cater your services are viewing your services.

We will be setting up and maintaining Local SEO for your locations which will drive in walk-in as well as digital customers to your stores.



SEO activity, once started, requires continuous maintenance so that the SERP’s can be maintained and improved from time to time.

Our team will be testing your keywords and search results across several competitors present in the market and will make sure that the best keywords are always put ahead and the rankings are maintained.


Services We Provide Under SEO

On Page SEO

Complete Page optimization for webpages including overall speed optimization, image optimization, content optimization and code level optimization

Off Page SEO

Complete Website optimization and exposure over the internet by using techniques for building additional traffic and improving the quality of inbound leads

Local SEO

Providing support to your brick and mortar stores and making sure that the areas around your location are well informed about your business activity

eCommerce SEO

Customizing your product links and titles to make sure that you appear at par with similar products or in the demographic in which you wish to appear

On Page SEO checklist

  • Headings
  • Title of the page
  • Meta description and tags
  • Image and pictures
  • URL structure and domain information
  • User-friendly navigation and quick loading
  • Fresh and quality content
  • Optimized external and internal links

Off Page SEO checklist

  • Link building
  • Social media marketing
  • Social bookmarking
  • Blog commenting
  • Articles
  • Forum links
  • Classified Ad posting
  • Infographics

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